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Episodes of neck pain are often characterized by certain symptoms. Pain and discomfort from the back of the head down to the neck, headaches, jaw pains, difficulty rotating the head, numbness tingling sensations down their arms, occasional mental fogs and general muscle fatigue.

People living with neck pains are often unable to work, play or thrive in the world. The following eight tips can help sufferers find neck pain relief:

Change Your Sleeping Position. 

A bad sleeping position is one of the main reasons why people develop neck pain. The ideal sleeping position is sleeping with a pillow or cushion that somewhat raises your head. The goal is to keep the head and neck aligned with the rest of your spine.

Don’t Sit Or Lie For long Periods.

Don’t spend long periods of time looking down at electronic gadgets. Whenever you have to work on your computer, ensure that the screen is directly above your eye level. 

Invest In Furniture That Has The Right Ergonomics.

Always opt for standing or kneeling desks. Take frequent breaks in between work periods. Answer calls with your headset.

Relieve Stress.

Devise a sustainable coping mechanism to relieve work-related and relationship-related stress. Exercise, listening to music, socializing are some stress-relieving activities.


Water is a great natural lubricant. The nerves and muscles that join our necks to our bodies need to be constantly lubricated for improved flexibility.


Core exercises like weight training and yoga target and strengthens your spine. They boost spine resilience especially during accidents and high-impact sports. Try these effective stretches for neck pain relief.

Use Ice.

Massage the back of your neck and shoulders, with an ice pack, for ten minutes at a time. It’ll help to decrease inflammation

Get Specific Chiropractic Care.

Visit an upper cervical chiropractor who will assess your upper spine to determine and address the underlying cause of your neck pain. Where necessary, the specific chiropractor will correct mis-alignments in the cervical vertebrae. 

For the past six years, Dr. Addison Bulosan has provided excellent chiropractic care for sufferers of neck pain and other kinds of chronic pains. For more information, contact Dr. Addison Bulosan at 808-866-6551, 296 Alamaha St #C3A, Kahului, HI 96732. Please forward all email inquiries to  Visit

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