Can you believe this – one in four people suffer from migraines, but most people don’t actually know the difference between a headache and a migraine? Of course, those who suffer from migraines or love someone who suffers from migraines knows exactly what they are.

There are a few differences between migraines and headaches.  There are also several different types of headaches.  All of them can be very painful, but some are more severe.

The most common type of headache is a tension headache. Stress or muscle strain in the neck and head area often causes them.

A migraine is much more severe than a regular tension headache.  It causes extreme pain, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and blurred vision. Migraines also tend to have an aura before they occur that includes visual disturbances such as zigzags or blind spots.  Migraines can cause a great deal of stress, and make day-to-day activities challenging.

But I’m here to give you some good news! I’ve personally found the missing link between these two groups- and it actually all has to do with understanding what they are and how they can be effectively treated.

In my experience, people who are suffering often go from one treatment option to the next, and they are stuck in the state of managing migraine symptoms.  I want to change that.

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