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What Causes Vertigo And When You Should Seek Chiropractic Care

Life is hard enough. The last thing anyone needs is a debilitating condition that makes them feel that the world is orbiting around them. No one wants to wake up one morning and find that they feel so dizzy and disoriented that they often lose their balance. But sometimes, life springs surprises on you. You’ve probably had one of such surprises, and your doctor has diagnosed you with vertigo.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a reeling sensation. It’s a series of dizzy spells that make you feel that you’re suddenly going to fall. Vertigo gives you the impression that the world is orbiting around you or that you’re spinning around.

So What Exactly Causes Vertigo?

Vertigo occurs as a result of an underlying illness in the body. Often, the dizzy spells and disorientation are the body’s way of signaling that something has gone wrong.

Below are some common causes of vertigo:

Problems in the inner ear.

When there are problems in the inner ear, vertigo can arise. This is because the body depends on the inner ear for balance. A few examples of inner ear diseases are Meniere’s disease and vestibular neuritis.

Meniere’s disease is characterized by the fluid buildup and fluctuating pressure in the inner ear. Not only does it cause vertigo, but it can also cause loss of hearing and ringing ears.

Vestibular neuritis, on the other hand, is a viral disease that can lead to inner ear inflammation. When the tissues around the inner ear are inflamed, the patients can experience a sense of loss of balance.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (also known as BPPV).

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is another common cause of loss of balance and dizziness. It is also associated with the inner ear. BPPV is used to describe the problems that arise when the canals in the inner ear are clustered with small-calcified particles. The obstruction makes it incredibly difficult for the inner ear to communicate clear instructions (about gravity) to the brain and the other parts of the body. The overall effect is the patient’s inability to maintain a sense of balance.

Persistent Headaches And Migraines.

Throbbing, cluster headaches (also called migraines) can also cause all the symptoms of vertigo. Persistent head pains can affect the way the brain interprets signals. Problems in the head region inevitably lead to dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, sweating and all the other symptoms of vertigo.

Injuries In The Upper Neck

Vertigo can also be caused and worsened by injuries at the neck joints. When the C1 and C2  vertebrae (the two top bones in your neck) are not properly aligned, you can begin to experience a host of problems. Vertigo is one of those conditions that can arise as a result of these injuries. Specific chiropractic care has proven to be the best option for people who suffer from this type of vertigo.

Other common causes of vertigo include:

  • Joint and ligament injuries resulting from automobile accidents and domestic accidents.
  • Brain disorders egg. stroke or a tumor. 
  • Prescriptions drugs that damage inner ear structures and tissues.
  • Absence of blood flow to the brain

The Best Time To Seek Chiropractic Care For Vertigo.

It is one thing to know the symptoms and causes of vertigo, and it is another to know when to seek chiropractic care for vertigo. It’s time to seek chiropractic care if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms and have a history of injuries to the head and/or neck.

Difficulty Maintaining Balance.

If you can no longer maintain your balance, don’t wait any further. The injuries in your upper neck might be affecting your nervous system. Nervous system dysfunction is often an aftermath of:

  • Injuries to the neck
  • Whiplash injury
  • Repetitious abnormal posture 

An upper cervical chiropractor can perform digital imaging tests to ascertain if any dysfunction exists in the upper neck. And if any problems are found, specific chiropractic care interventions will be administered to set off the healing process in the body.

Persistent, Clutter Headaches (Commonly Known As Migraines).  

Migraines often cause or worsen cases of vertigo. So if you’ve been dealing with migraine headaches, please consider seeking chiropractic care.

Why? Let me explain. Migraines often occur as a result of joint inflammation and muscle tension in the neck and back regions (often from the neck down to the middle of the back).

Seeking chiropractic care will afford you the opportunity to get rid of those nagging migraines. What’s more, you’ll regain your balance and enjoy a restored nervous system function. 

 Protracted Muscle And Joint Pain.

You know it’s time to seek chiropractic care if your vertigo is often accompanied by muscle and/or joint pain. Don’t sit and assume that the pain and dizziness will fade away. If you have exhausted all of your own methods to solve this pain, then give us a ring. We might have a long-term solution for you.

Chronic Neck Pain

Bad postures and repetitive movements often cause neck pain. In addition, neck pain can cause headaches and vertigo.

Seek chiropractic care if you wince every time you turn your neck or go about your daily tasks. The upper cervical chiropractor will assess the situation and determine what kind of interventions will help you feel better.

Final Thoughts.

People function better when they have a healthy sense of balance. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of vertigo, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Consult an upper cervical chiropractor who is experienced in caring for people who have vertigo.

For the past six years, Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Addison Bulosan has maintained a successful practice in Lihue, Hawaii. He has a proven track record in providing brilliant chiropractic care for people who experienced symptoms of vertigo. If you have more questions about vertigo or other medical conditions, feel free to contact Dr. Addison Bulosan. He can be reached on 808-369-9733

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